30 May 2017

The National AIDS Strategic Framework (NASF) 2017 - 2021 is designed to provide adequate space and opportunities for communities, civil society, private sector, development partners (bilateral and...

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06 October 2015

This HIV Testing and Counselling Implementation Plan (2014-16) is the contribution to the overall National HIV&AIDS Strategic Plan 2014-2016 (NASF) and National Health Strategic Plan 2011-2015...

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14 September 2015

The Revised National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework (R-NASF) 2014 - 2016 constitutes a multi-sectoral, multi-layer and decentralised response to HIV and AIDS...

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14 September 2015

This National HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (MEP) is a companion to the new National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework (NASF) for the...

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14 September 2015

The NACAS provides a broad framework within which communication and advocacy should serve asstrategic inputs into the implementation of the NASF. Its implementation is also...

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14 September 2015

The existing HIV prevention programme, based on the abstinence, being faithful to one sexual partner, and consistent and correct use of condoms (ABC) model, has resulted in a number of positive...

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